Windowless Planes?? Yes, You May See One Soon!

September 2, 2014 By Airline Ticket Centre

Airlines these are looking at decreasing the operating/fuel costs of their flights. So what do you think these airlines maybe thinking to implement so they can substantially reduce the fuel costs?

The answer is what French design agencies Technicon Design and US based Spike Aerospace have recently proposed : A window-less jet.

No matter how absurd the proposal may sound to you, but this could soon be a reality on air-crafts. You may have given little thoughts to these windows in the past or may have considered them just a norm but these are very expensive component of an aircraft. A lot of thought is put while designing and developing these small windows. Windows are heavy and complicated to implement on the air-craft, since weak windows could be liability to the operating airlines.

“Fuselage walls are complex structures made even more complicated by the additional structures needed to support cabin windows. Eliminating the windows allow us to simply the fuselage design, reduce the parts count and lower manufacturing costs. But, it also results in a smoother exterior skin which reduces the aircraft’s drag resulting in increased fuel efficiency,” says Vik Kachoria, President of Spike Aerospace.

The proposal says that if a window less plane becomes a reality it would have thin digital wallpapers replacing the windows which would show you a projected panoramic view of outside of the plane with the help cameras installed on the jet wing and fuselage. Something similar to what you may have seen on the spaceships of sci-fi movies.

What are your thought? Would you like to see these window-less planes or you love your window seat every time you travel because of the actual & relaxing view these tiny windows give you?

A quick sneak peak animated video released by Spike Aerospace can be viewed at following link :
Image courtesy : Spike Aerospace website.