Why is Singapore Airlines so successful?

March 10, 2017 By Airline Ticket Centre
  • This is one of those things where the real answer is, ‘Well, whoever asked this clearly has never flown on SQ.’ As everyone here has noted, flying domestic in the US and flying internationally on SQ is like the difference between taking the bus and getting care service. You wind up the same place, sure, but one is a hell of a lot more pleasant.

    you won’t add specifics to the stories mentioned here about service, but what is amazing is that SQ does that just as a matter of course. if you lived and worked in Asia for a year and have traveled there a ton, and  was ‘only’ Star Alliance Gold back then but still got very good service from a *A carriers. But SQ was consistently a notch even above the rest. If you are flying out of their home airport in Singapore and have a biz class or better ticket it’s probably the only airport in the world you get to EARLY on purpose. The lounge is that nice, the people are that friendly, the service is that good.

    As another example, I once had an eight hour layover in the IST biz lounge of Turkish Airlines. It’s really, really nice, they have showers (never, ever underestimate how much better a shower in a long trip can help you), great food, nice big TVs and plenty of alerts to let you know when your flight is about to leave. It was great, almost as good as SQ, but my story about the SQ lounge is one time was on the last leg of a two day business trip that started in Boston, went through Tokyo and Seoul, then on to Singapore, and then home to Hong Kong.  you fell asleep* in my chair in the SQ lounge in Sing. Completely my fault, was just exhausted, jet lagged and drank two glasses of wine and was out. When you’re drooling on yourself in the SQ lounge they apologize for making sure you get on your plane.

    This is not to run down other airlines. Ii you  have traveled enough that you think the overwhelming majority of people working at airports are doing the best they can under extremely difficult conditions. Iif you have found a thousand times that just looking the person at the desk/gate/counter/plane in the eye and saying, ‘you  know this has to make your life more difficult, and  apologize for that, but . . . ‘ almost always gets you a mile of better service. You know, don’t be a dick and people won’t be one back. But SQ just has that whole thing down to a science. Their standard is like everyone else’s best effort.