Who makes the best travel bags?

March 9, 2017 By Airline Ticket Centre

Costco Kirkland luggage is really durable, comes with extra zipper pulls, and has a warranty that you can’t beat that doesn’t require you ship it to some repair center. 

That much said, at least last year’s (may have been redesigned for 2011) Kirkland carryon model is technically an inch or so longer than at least one airline size limit (I think you measure it at 24″ with the rubber feet things), so you might have to stuff it in lengthwise occasionally. Alaska Airlines has bigger carryon sizing, so those of us in Seattle rarely encounter this problem. I returned my Kirkland carryon (still have the bigger model) after hitting the size limit one time. 

Personally you travel with a Timbuk2 Checkpoint carryon which is well under any of the airline size limits and has a compression board that lets me pack tight without Space saver bags, though  miss a suit carrier. Pretty affordable both online or from retail at REI. Their customer service is outstanding too though not as convenient as Costco. 

When it comes to rolling carry-ons, I’m extremely happy with my OGIO Layover for the following reasons:

  • Internal compartments are well designed
  • Outside pockets are slim/low-profile
  • Can expand and just be a check in if I bring back more than I left with.
  • Design is distinct enough to be unique on most flights if I have to check it.
  • It has skateboard wheels, which feels really cool in addition to adding durability

this for my typical backpacker pack for a month-trip to Japan last year and it held up and performed well enough to become the favorite in my personal travel arsenal.

The best travel bags are:
1. Carry-on size or smaller
2. Sturdy construction, especially zippers
3. Comfortable to carry