Which is the best airline you have flown?

November 18, 2016 By Airline Ticket Centre

Within the past year, I’ve flown on a number of first class products using miles and points.  The full review links are below, but I’ll summarize here:

1st – Etihad A380 First Apartments

You are essentially in a small NY sized apartment.  There is a separate chair and bench, which turns into your bed.  There is also a shower on board although it’s not as nice as the Emirates A380 shower.  You have your own personal “butler” who will cook you anything any time you want it.  There is a huge TV screen that you can either watch in your seat or flip out so you can watch on the bed.  The typical caviar, champagne, 5-6 course meal.  Also some pajamas that you can take with you.

2nd – Emirates A380 First Class

Over the top bling.  Best 5 minute shower in the sky (it’s timed to stop.)  They have 2 restroom attendants waiting outside the restroom at all times to clean it.  Great business class bar.  They used to serve Hennessy Paradis, a $750 bottle on the ground, at the First Class mini-bar.  Free flowing Dom.  I personally drank 2 bottles while my wife drank 1 bottle.

3rd – Cathay Pacific First Class

Great food.  I enjoyed it more than the Middle Eastern airlines (could be because I’m Asian.)  Great service.  One of, if not, THE widest first class seat.  While I rank them 3rd, they’re actually the one I want to fly again since the overall experience is better than the top 2.  This was my first time drinking Krug and it was so good that I drank their entire stock (but they only stocked 2 for the entire flight.)

4th – Singapore Airlines A380 Suites Class

They serve 3 vintages of Dom/Krug.  The double bed is a bit overrated.  The lobster thermidor was not appetizing on my flight.  Service felt a bit too rushed/robot-like for me.  However, I was on the same flight as the Star Wars Force Awakens crew, which was the highlight of the flight.

Full reviews with more pictures here:

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