Where do pilots sleep during long haul flights?

April 16, 2017 By Airline Ticket Centre

This is where pilots sleep on long haul flights in relation to the aircraft. And because a picture is worth a thousand words check out all the other images. 
(Pilots sleep in any one of these beds on Long Haul flights. Likely 50% of the journey is spent in here. )

Boeing 777 (3D Rendering with “lights”)

Boeing 777 (Actual Image) Below.

Now the Cabin Crew quarters are a little less glamorous but still all flat and cozy all the same.

A few airlines still have some airplanes with cabin crew rest seats in the economy section. They are usually located near the rear of the aircraft on one side of the aircraft (not in the middle section, if there is one). These seats either won’t show up on the seat selection chart for long-haul flights or they will show as occupied, so you can’t book them. However, when the aircraft is flying a domestic leg, the airline will often sell those seats. They usually have a nice recline and are generally more comfortable than regular economy seats. There is also a curtain available, if the cabin crew will let you use it. I rarely see these seats in the USA any more, but they are out there, and even more so in markets outside the USA. Often, you can book them just like any other economy seat, but you have to know which seats they are, because the airline won’t tell you. Seatguru may help.

Some of our planes have a bunk and some do not.  Those that do not have a bunk will have a vinyl covered futon that we lay on the floor in the galley area.  We grab a few pillows and blankets to insulate the cold floor from the futon.

 sometimes It depends on the aircraft and the company.  the 767 it is first class passengers seat that is curtained off. On the 777 it’s a f/class seat or a bunk. On the 787/A380 it’s bunks.

Note in the pictures above the crew quarters for cabin staff.. the aisle is barely 3 1/2 ft/1.30 m high. They have to literally crawl to their beds.