What is it like to always fly first class?

January 26, 2017 By Airline Ticket Centre

Flying first class definitely makes you look forward to the flight as much as the vacation itself. Depending on the carrier, think unlimited premium champagne (Krug, Dom Perignon, Salon), multi-course meals that rival a Michelin starred restaurant, enough space to sleep comfortably in pajamas they give you, being taken directly to the airplane in a car from a dedicated first class terminal, etc. Sometimes you get lucky, and are the only person in the First cabin so it ends up being extremely  private.

The issue with always flying first class is that you become accustomed to it, so the excitement and novelty wears off.

The service includes best in class Champagne and wines, whisky’s and anything you may desire. On etihad, you have a dedicated Sky Chef who would take care of your food and beverages. Once, I was travelling on a long haul flight and I told the chef that I am feeling hungry and craving for Indian food… although there was nothing Indian available on the menu, he still got me some Chicken Biryani and other side dishes to ensure I have a hearty meal. I don’t know for sure if he had access to a Kitchen on the Airplane as the food was steaming hot and fresh. That’s personal care for the guest in First Class. Now, he further suggested me the Don Perignon 2003 batch champagne and told me that this batch is one of the best batches of Champagne the Winery has produced and Etihad has bought the whole batch of wine for their exclusive consumption… that’s the exclusivity available to guests. The nuts served with wine are Warm and taste like freshly roasted.

The steward(ess) are very courteous and they make sure that you have the best experience and a comfortable travel. The Entertainment is top notch with headphones that are best in class Acoustic Noise Cancelling ones. If you are awake, the wine/food/service keeps flowing and one more thing to mention… On a Larger aircrafts you have a shower and a big Bath for your use… which means that instead of trying to squeeze yourself in a tiny lavatory, there is a wide n big Bath available to you for changing into your sleep suit and to freshen up. The Duvet are usually velvet material with cotton lining for a soft and luxurious feel. The sleepers are provided for you to walk during the flight. So, when you arrive at your destination, you are just fresh without any traces of travel fatigue.