What are some common reasons for flight delays?

March 26, 2017 By Airline Ticket Centre
Common reasons are technical glitches, and bad weather situation. So, if you’re on a flight, specifically EU flight, you have a right to get compensated when your flight is delayed for more than three hours. The flight delayed compensation is provisioned under EU rule 261/2004. Whether the flight was last week or six years ago, EU rule 261/2004 means if you’re delayed over three hours or your flight is cancelled, you’re often entitled to £200-£510 per person in flight compensation. For more information,
People who can’t be bothered to find their way to the gate on time.
Weather can reduce flow rates because you can’t see at 150 mph to take off or land but some severe storms en route can require surprisingly long detours  as well.
Mechanical failure.

And then there are the knock on effects.
A delay early in the day can mean that a crew can run out of hours.   A 3 hour delay for mechanical reasons on a Gatwick/Dallas flight once led to me experiencing a push back followed by an immediate return to gate because the crew realised they would be out of hours by the time we got to Dallas so we took another 3 hour delay while they rounded up a new crew.

Late arrival of the incoming aircraft” seems to be the single most common reason, at least if you believe what airlines so happily announce.
One day I will walk up to the gate and tell them that his is no reason, but only a symptom of another reason which they don’t bother to tell their passengers.