Want to avoid extra bag charge? This could be your other option!

October 6, 2014 By Airline Ticket Centre

“SendMyBag” is an Irish firm that is targeting Irish airline Ryan Air’s customers with a door to door luggage delivery service to avoid extra baggage charges. The firm launched a website on Friday www.sendmybag.ie, all travelers have to do is register online and they will pick up the luggage from their homes and drop off at their travel destination while passengers enjoys a luggage free traveling experience with a fees.

“Because Ireland is the home of Ryanair, it is a huge opportunity for us,” said SendMyBag CEO Adam Ewart. “About 20pc of Ryanair’s 80 million customers will pay for a bag – that’s 16 million people who check in bags and Ryanair don’t want them.”

As per the website www.sendmybag.ie, its an east 6 step process, as follows :
1. Get a quote for any of your 100 travel destinations all over the world.
2. If you are happy with the quote, just book online with their recommended time-lines based on your travel destination.
3. Prepare your luggage.
4. They will collect the luggage from your home.
5. Track where your luggage is in transit.
6. Delivery at your final travel destination hotel, home or business address.