Passengers Open the Emergency Doors in Protest to Delayed Flight

January 14, 2015 By Airline Ticket Centre

Bad weather, technical difficulties and some other un-avoidable factors often adds on the delays and in turn passenger frustrations. But these what these China Eastern passengers did in protest to a delayed flight might seem a bit extreme to you.

was already seven hours behind schedule at 3:45am on Saturday morning because of snow when crew began to de-ice the plane at the Kunming airport.

Past weekend, China Eastern Airlines flight MU2036 traveling from Chengdu to Beijing, already delayed seven hours due to snowstorm was further delayed when two passengers opened the emergency doors of the moving, ready to take-off air-craft. The passengers showed this extreme behavior because they were complaining about the delay and lack of ventilation while on board the plane.

According to China Eastern maintenance engineer Zhu Yun,”The plane’s ventilation system had been turned off for 30 min. during deicing work to prevent fumes from entering the cabin”. The co-pilot was dispatched to explain the situation but passengers remained irate even after the plane left the gate.

That is when a passenger named Zhou opened 3 emergency exits to prevent the plane from taking off and forcing it to return to the gate. A total of 25 pax – all members of a single tour group were held for questioning while the rest continued on to Beijing aboard a separate flight.

“Opening those doors was extremely dangerous because there was nothing to protect passengers from the force of the engines,” Zhu said.

According to an online statement issued by Kunming police, Zhou and a tour guide named Li have been placed under 15 day administrative detention for opening the plane doors. The passengers found guilty for the involvement in this incident will be placed on a “national uncivilized traveler record” list for up-to 18 months.