Air Transat New Eco Fares

September 3, 2014 By Michael Clark

Air Transat now offers more flexibility in Economy ClassThe air carrier presents its new Eco FaresAir Transat, Canada's leading holiday travel airline, introduces its new Eco Fares, offering flexibility and worry-free vacations to Economy Class passengers.The three new Eco Fares offer varying conditions for flight changes or cancellation, so that passengers can modify their travel date

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Windowless Planes?? Yes, You May See One Soon!

September 2, 2014 By Airline Ticket Centre

Airlines these are looking at decreasing the operating/fuel costs of their flights. So what do you think these airlines maybe thinking to implement so they can substantially reduce the fuel costs?The answer is what French design agencies Technicon Design and US based Spike Aerospace have recently proposed : A window-less jet.No matter how absurd the proposal may sound to you, but this cou

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Air Transat Now Have a CinePlus App

August 19, 2014 By Airline Ticket Centre

Air Transat announces the launch of their new smartphone and tablet app CinePlus. This app is available for both iOs and Android platforms.This app is available free of charge via App Store and Google Play Store for passengers to download before they board the flight. They will be able to access a variety of in flight entertainment options that includes movies, TV programs and music. The passe

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Jet Naked : New Airline Bringing Low-cost Airline Model to Canada

August 13, 2014 By Airline Ticket Centre

Jet Naked claims that it is expecting to give Canadian no-frills air travel experience with 60% of the price that other major Airlines like Westjet & Air Canada are offering.Jet Naked is the brainchild of Tim Morgan, one of WestJet’s co-founders and the CEO of charter airline Enerjet. These will be no-frill airlines; meaning for the basic ticket price, passengers will get nothing more than a

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Get Your Boarding Passes with Passport Scan APP

August 8, 2014 By Airline Ticket Centre

You can now scan your passport using your Apple or Android smart phones for check-in into international flights, if your carrier is United Airlines. The United Airlines has become the first airline to offer this service.You will need the United Airlines app installed on your smart phone and start using the online check-in 24 hours before your departure. So when you initiate United Airlines app

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Important Information for Travellers to Europe

July 31, 2014 By Airline Ticket Centre

Are you traveling to Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain or Switzerland? If yes, then must require a Passport that is valid for at-least 3 months beyond the expectant date of return. Failing to comply with this rule, you will be refused boarding a flight or entry into any of these countries.Please make sure to have all the required travel d

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The Cheapest Fly Days in Canada

July 28, 2014 By Airline Ticket Centre

We all love to travel and to save on these trips is just an icing on the cake. So, we will give you some insider information on the cheapest days of the week to fly. Next, you plan a vacation keep these days in mind and you might save big on your trips.Data from the travel website Kayak's suggests that if Canadian are flying domestically then they should pick to travel on a Tuesday and if they

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