New Boarding System by Air Canada

November 17, 2014 By Airline Ticket Centre
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The delays caused by Boarding costs Airlines a lot of money and that is why Airlines keep on trying different boarding patterns to reduce the boarding time, passenger discomfort and save money. In the same direction Air Canada is preparing to launch a new boarding system for better performance and smoother passenger experience.

The airline to launch this new five-zone boarding system just right in time for the holiday and peak of travel season in early December.

Andrew Yiu, in charge of testing different boarding models and director of Air Canada’s product specifications said, “Boarding is very complex for us, especially since we have so many different groups of customers. On a lot of flights with busy business markets, such as Toronto to Montreal or Toronto to Vancouver, we have a very high component of top-tier customers who are eligible for priority boarding”.

He further added,”Whenever we call priority boarding, you’re going to see 60 or 70 people get up, ready to board the aircraft. Our top super elites are saying ‘You are giving me this priority boarding benefit, but there are 60 people in front of me, trying to get on.'”

Under the new 5 zone boarding system, a zone number will be printed on every boarding pass in order to achieve a simplified boarding process. Zone 1 for business class and super elite frequent flyers,Zone 2 for premium economy, other frequent flyers as well as those who hold certain credit cards that grant priority boarding and Zone 3-5 for economy passengers split evenly from back to front.