New Baggage Announcement by Air Canada Vacations

January 23, 2015 By Airline Ticket Centre

Air Canada recently changed its baggage policy for Sun destinations in Mexico & the Caribbean. These new guidelines have no impact on Air Canada Vacations passengers to these destinations. The first bag, weighing up to 23 kg, is still free for each passenger. The same is true for transatlantic flights.

However, baggage fees do apply for Air Canada Vacations passengers travelling to destinations in North America, including Canada and the USA (Florida and Hawaii included). Baggage fees apply whether passengers have booked a package, a cruise or a connecting flight.

Below is a table of baggage fees and please note that taxes apply and that clients can pay these fees when they check-in (up to 24 hours before departure). NOTE: For passengers with connecting flights from any of our 66 Canadian gateways to Mexico & the Caribbean, documents may indicate that the first bag is not included. This is a system oversight that we are working hard to resolve. Please reassure your clients that there is no baggage fee for Mexico & the Caribbean. If a payment has been made, your clients can be reimbursed when they return upon presentation of a valid receipt.

Economy ClassFirst BagSecond Bag
Travel within Canada:
If booked as a connector
Travel within Canada:
If the gateway and destination are Canadian cities
(i.e. YYZ-YUL)
Travel to/from Mexico, Caribbean & Costa Rica
(Including, Puerto Rico & US Virgin Islands)
excluding Cuba
Travel to/from U.S.
(including Hawaii)
Travel to/from CubaFreeFree