New Air Security Rules to be in Effect Soon!

July 10, 2014 By Airline Ticket Centre

If you are heading for United States and want to avoid any possible delays please be sure to charge all the batteries of your electronic devices. Yes, that is correct because of new security rules that are subject to be in effect very soon.

As per a report in CNN “A U.S. government official has told CNN the measures are in response to new intelligence that terror groups are trying to build new, harder-to-detect explosive devices.”

Who will be affected by these new rules

These security checks will apply to all air passengers flying directly to the United States from outside of the country. But the passengers on the domestic flights within the United States will be exempted from these rules .

What exactly does it mean if your electronic device batteries are dead

As per the report in CNN, any passenger with dead batteries might risk extra scrutiny and in some cases might be held back from boarding their respective flight.

So if you happen to have a dead battery, you might opt for any of the following options:

Find a power point and charge your batteries if there’s still time for that or just stick your device inside your check-in luggage.

Some airports, also offer a private service where you can deposit your dead electronic devices and collect later for a price upto $100.