Most Annoying Things People Do in Airports

October 8, 2014 By Airline Ticket Centre

We all have our own ways of doing things but sometimes these particular ways may cause annoyance to other people in public places. CNN released a list of things that people find most annoying in Airports. Here is the list for you :

  1. Moving walkways or travelators are great but  people who just refuse to walk and stand in way of people in hurry to catch their planes causes big frowns.
  2. Crowding the baggage carousel : Carousels are made for the convenience of travelers, so that they can see their baggage coming at a distant, wait for it to come closer and then go get it. But some impatient people find it hard to stay few inches away from it with their big luggage carts and make it a struggle for others to get their baggage when it comes.
  3. Security checks are not for me : There are few commons things that are expected from travelers at airports to follow so that security lanes can move seamlessly like taking out all the coins or keys you have in your pockets or your electronic gadgets. But for some people just keep waiting until a security personnel explicitly asks them to do this as if they had some exemption, for some unexplained reasons.
  4. The VIP late comers : Some people believe it or not, come late to the airport on purpose so that they can ask the check-in staff to move them to the front of the line because otherwise they might miss their flight.
  5. The pack rats : It is written on the airline tickets how much weight is permitted per bag on-board but some people just pack about 200 pounds and then starts shuffling the bags at check-in in hope of some magic to happen that will reduce the weight without actually leaving anything behind.
  6. I can take all the space I want : The waiting area seating are people to sit on but some people think they can keep everything from their food to big bag packs on these seats ignoring any courtesy to people standing near them.
  7. Kids will be kids : Kids are little people who have all the energy in the world and hence hard for them to stay in one place. But adults know better, some parents just let their kids do whatever they want as long as they don’t bother them regardless the discomfort it may cause to people around them.
  8. People who need to charge every single electronic gadget they have at the airport leaving no outlets for others who just want to charge their phone so they can make that one important phone call.
  9. Watching videos at full volumes : Long layovers are boring, we get that. But watching a movie at full volume is not the solution to your boredom, so these situations headphone were invented.
  10. Duty free shadowing : Its not the travelers that cause annoyance at airports every-time. The shadowing duty free staff does that too when all you need is to buy a cheap bottle of vodka.

Do you want to add anything to this list? Please feel free to leave a comment.