Jet Naked : New Airline Bringing Low-cost Airline Model to Canada

August 13, 2014 By Airline Ticket Centre

Jet Naked claims that it is expecting to give Canadian no-frills air travel experience with 60% of the price that other major Airlines like Westjet & Air Canada are offering.

Jet Naked is the brainchild of Tim Morgan, one of WestJet’s co-founders and the CEO of charter airline Enerjet. These will be no-frill airlines; meaning for the basic ticket price, passengers will get nothing more than a seat on an airplane. For additional fees, they will be able buy carry-on space, luggage space, drinks and meals.

After Jet Naked another airline Jetlines is also following the same low-cost flying model. Critiques are saying that this model would not sustain in Canadian market. But let’s wait and watch how well these companies serve the Canadians.