Incredible Landing By Virgin Airline Pilot

December 30, 2014 By Airline Ticket Centre

Las Vegas bound Virgin Airlines plane was forced to turn around and made an emergency landing at Gatwick Airport, England when it developed a problem with its landing gear. Soon after its departure for Las Vegas, the plane turned back and circled around the south coast to dump the fuel, so as to minimize the risk of fire in a forced landing.

According to the airline spokesperson the plane undertook “a non-standard landing procedure” because of “a technical issue with one of the landing gears.”

Following the standard procedures in event of an emergency landing, fire trucks and other emergency services were on standby for the landing. Fire trucks surrounded the Boeing 747 as it made the emergency landing and waited nearby. The television images are shown in the video above as the Virgin Airline Pilot made this incredible landing with only part of the landing gear working at the time.