How often do you buy travel insurance?

September 30, 2014 By Airline Ticket Centre

If you have taken a flight you might also have experienced the troubles related to air travel such as flight delays, missing a connection or flight cancellations due to weather or other reasons. And more often you travel more are your chances of getting stuck in such situations. A new study done by Global Business Travel Association Foundation revealed that about 90% of business travelers experienced one of these air travel mishaps.

The study, Business Traveller Study 2014: The Cost of Mishaps, sponsored by AIG Travel and Travel Guard, surveyed more than 500 business travellers who had traveled and experienced at least one travel mishap while on a business trip in the past year.

“Travel-related issues, including delays, cancellations and evacuations, are an unfortunate aspect of business travel,” said GBTA vice president of Research Joseph Bates. “By understanding the biggest woes, travel managers can take steps to identify and mitigate some of the frustration, lost time and added cost involved.”

Almost half of travellers had travel insurance when their negative mishap occurred. More than a third (37 percent) of travellers who did not have travel insurance when their most negative mishap occurred said they will start using it within the next year. That number jumps to nearly two-thirds (62 percent) when the mishap takes place abroad. So what are your thoughts? Are you buying your travel insurance next time you plan on travelling to avoid these unforeseen expenses due to travel mishaps.