Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands!!

February 3, 2014 By Amy Dang

9776926_sOne of my most memorable trips was in the beautiful Cayman Islands! On their famous 7 Mile Beach, I saw some of the most powdery white sands that my eyes have came across and water was so crystal clear and pristine, I could see every fish and detail just from standing in the waters and looking from above, without submerging in as snorkellers would. It was a very warm sunny day, the sun shining on the sand made it almost blindingly white and bright from a distance when looking in and the sand was quite warm, almost too hot to walk barefoot!

I took a tour to visit the Cayman Turtle Farm to see all sorts of sea turtles of various sizes, we could even hold and pet them!

I’ve tasted their rum cakes and sampled some of their local flavours; as well as visited an unique place on the island named “Hell”, which consists of strange black limestone formations, it was a bit eerie and dark, reminiscent of  how one would picture Hell to look like or resemble, hence, the name it was given. The Grand Cayman was actually quite small and quaint, but I will always remember the spectacular and breathtaking 7 Mile Beach, the delicious rum cakes, the fun sea turtles and experience the one of the kind location called “Hell” that includes a souvenir shop to say that you have litterly and technically been to “Hell” and back!! In reality, however, this island destination was a dream come true and more like a piece of heaven!