Former Korean Air Vice President Faces Charges Over Her "Nut Rage"

January 9, 2015 By Airline Ticket Centre


Cho Hyun-ah, former Vice President and daughter of Korean Air Line’s chairman, is facing charging over her notorious “Nut Rage” incident. Cho kicked out a senior Crew member out of a plane at John F. Kennedy airport. The flight attended failed to offer her macadamia nuts the way she wanted i.e not in a bowl but in a packet.

According to an eye witness when the flight attendant Park Chang-Jin offered her the nuts in a packet she got upset over the cabin service insulted him by yelling, throwing an object at the cabin wall and forcing him to kneel before her. Then she forced the plane to return to the gate so Chang-Jin could get off. Her actions forced the flight to change its normal route, which is considered as one of the most serious charges with a maximum prison sentence of 10 years.

Cho’s actions amounted to “threatening the safety of the flight and causing confusion in law and order,” prosecutor Kim Chang-hee said during a briefing that was broadcast live by local television networks.

Additionally she is facing three other charges : use of violence against flight crew, hindering a government probe (pressuring Korean Air employees to conceal the incident) and forcing the flight’s purser off the plane.

Cho’s father and Korean Air chairman, has removed his daughter from all her roles at the airline and its affiliates and apologized for not raising her properly, following this infamous “Nut Rage” incident.