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Who makes the best travel bags?

March 9, 2017 By Airline Ticket Centre

Costco Kirkland luggage is really durable, comes with extra zipper pulls, and has a warranty that you can't beat that doesn't require you ship it to some repair center. That much said, at least last year's (may have been redesigned for 2011) Kirkland carryon model is technically an inch or so longer than at least one airline size limit (I think you measure it at 24" with the rubber feet things),

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What are the top tips for travelers to Rome?

March 8, 2017 By Airline Ticket Centre

DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT TAKE A TAXI FROM THE AIRPORT. My family and I flew into CIA and, after getting through customs and whatnot, attempted to get a taxi. A sign with a legal regulation on it stated that a trip inside the Aurelian walls would cost 30 euros. My dad spotted a taxi driver and asked how much it would cost for a ride to our AirBnB. He showed the driver his phone, which displaye

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Can I buy a fully refundable Emirates business class ticket for lounge access and then cancel before I fly?

March 7, 2017 By Airline Ticket Centre

 Depending on your airport, you might have to go through migrations in order to get to the lounge. That might be a problem.If that’s not the case, you can easily go to the reception of the lounge and indicate you got a call and had to postpone the flight for the following week. Hopefully they’ll find you a spot within the same class of service.You then call the call center, cancel and a

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What are the best airport tips?

February 25, 2017 By Airline Ticket Centre

For international travel always take adapters for the power outlets. Have ebooks/books/offline stuff to read/do. Bring more for unexpected delays. Be hydrated. Bring candy to bribe/socialize with flight attendants, you may get a free upgrade. Bring luggage tags. Take a picture of where you parked and email it to yourself with the airport name in your email so you can search it

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Which airports do pilots consider the most challenging for landing?

February 24, 2017 By Airline Ticket Centre

The most-challenging airports are those with safety hazards.  These hazards may be topographical, weather-related, traffic-related or caused by congestion on the ground.  Operational changes also create hazards.There are a number of airports with ground contours on or near the airport that create problems. Some examples:  San Diego, CA's Lindbergh was notorious for planes having to maintai

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What do flight attendants notice about passengers as they board the plane?

February 23, 2017 By Airline Ticket Centre

What we notice, standing at the door: apart from the obvious, male, female, old or young, we pay attention to their language (check if they hold a magazine or newspaper), citizenship (in Japan I greet with Konnichiwa or Ohayogozaimasu), in Thailand, sawasdeekrap, and so on.. if I know it is in their language I try to welcome the guests and hope I guessed right.Another thing: Do I smell something

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What are some of the coolest looking visas?

February 9, 2017 By Airline Ticket Centre

India's and China's require more work than most countries for Americans, but the visas are full page stickers.India's includes a photo. I think the U.S. Visa does too, but I haven't seen them for any other countries. China's features The Great Wall. The visa extensions offered in-country are much plainer. The work visa is identical except there's an Z instead of an F. Dates and duration

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