Can I buy a fully refundable Emirates business class ticket for lounge access and then cancel before I fly?

March 7, 2017 By Airline Ticket Centre


Depending on your airport, you might have to go through migrations in order to get to the lounge. That might be a problem.

If that’s not the case, you can easily go to the reception of the lounge and indicate you got a call and had to postpone the flight for the following week. Hopefully they’ll find you a spot within the same class of service.

You then call the call center, cancel and ask for a full refund. I’ve never try this with Emirates, but can confirm that in more than a few north american airlines it is the case.

You might want to call them and ask. Going to the lounge does not matter. What really matters is if they would cancel check-in for you and change the flight.

Those who answered that this is not possible in any airline, are absolutely clueless. As in other answers, you should not abuse the system as it might backfire.

You need a boarding pass to get into the lounge, not to mention that all the lounges are on the airside of security and immigration.

I never heard of an airline that will refund a ticket after you’ve checked in. (and the flight isn’t cancelled or something).

you may buy a fully refundable Emirates business class ticket. You may cancel it before you fly for a full refund. Once you have a boarding pass.. a necessity to get through security you become a passenger. Enjoy that martini that cost you $5,000..a brilliant idea and splendid move.