Avoid The Worst Seat on the Plane!

December 13, 2015 By Airline Ticket Centre
bad seat

Seat with Entertainment Box

  • No room for overhead luggage

Seat at any back of any section

  • Seats do not recline
  • Heavy traffic due to Galley or Bathrooms

The Broken Seat

  • Unfortunately you can not plan for this seat

Tapered Window Seat

  • At the back of the plane there are seats with no middle row. There is a gap between the seats so you will not be able to lean to sleep. There is extra leg room in these seats.

Misaligned Window Seats

  • implied promise of the term “window seat” is of course that there’s a window you can actually see through. But many planes have configurations that place some seats between windows.

The Rows in front of Exit Rows

  • These seats are at the expense of the Exit Rows seat as these seats do not recline.

The Middle Seat

  • Nothing to say