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Are Aircraft Tires Made To Rotate Before Landing To Reduce The Wear Of The Tires??

December 5, 2016 By Airline Ticket Centre

"The pilots don't like it because they won't know when the plane has touched down": Planes are already fitted with WoW (weight-on-wheels) switches, that trigger when the landing gear shocks are compressed by the weight of the plane. They're used by many of the avionics onboard to switch them between "flight" mode and "ground" mode (for example, on some aircraft types the WoW signal triggers the gr

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What Would Happen If You Were To Stick Your Head Out Of An Aeroplane Window?

December 1, 2016 By Airline Ticket Centre

Well there has been one incident that happened on British Airways Flight 5390, a BAC 1–11.On this flight from England to Spain, the maintenance had used the wrong screws to fix the cockpit windshield, as you would see below:At 17, 400 ft, the windshield blew off, sucking the captain out of the cockpit.Amazingly, the co pilot was able to make an emergency landing in Southampton, with no

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