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Boeing Says Goodbye to Bathrooms

June 24, 2015 By Airline Ticket Centre

Boeing Says Goodbye to Bathrooms!!!// // // // // Boeing Co. is looking to increase their sales in the next decade by adding more seats. We know what you’re thinking. How? Those planes are tight as it is.They don’t plane on cutting the legroom in the aisles, however, just in the bathrooms. The Chicago-based airline company has found that by cutting the size of inflight rest

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Standardizing carry on baggage?

June 11, 2015 By Airline Ticket Centre

IATA launched a new initiative to streamline the accommodation of carry-on bags on aircraft.The initiative was announced at the association’s annual general meeting in Miami.Differing carry-on bag sizes and airline policies have made boarding a tedious process,especially since carriers began charging for the first checked bag in 2008.IATA has been working with airline members of IA

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