Why Isn’t The Entire Plane Made By The Same Material, When The Black Box Remains Undamaged During A Plane Crash?

December 6, 2016 By Airline Ticket Centre

This is one of the oldest jokes in aviation. But seriously the construction of the Digital Flight Data Recorder and Cockpit Voice Recorder boxes is amazing. A fair amount of their strength comes from the fact that they are filled with a protective material to shield the electronics inside.For an aircraft to be built that way there would be no room for passengers.In any case, as counter-intuiti

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Are Aircraft Tires Made To Rotate Before Landing To Reduce The Wear Of The Tires??

December 5, 2016 By Airline Ticket Centre

"The pilots don't like it because they won't know when the plane has touched down": Planes are already fitted with WoW (weight-on-wheels) switches, that trigger when the landing gear shocks are compressed by the weight of the plane. They're used by many of the avionics onboard to switch them between "flight" mode and "ground" mode (for example, on some aircraft types the WoW signal triggers the gr

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What Would Happen If You Were To Stick Your Head Out Of An Aeroplane Window?

December 1, 2016 By Airline Ticket Centre

Well there has been one incident that happened on British Airways Flight 5390, a BAC 1–11.On this flight from England to Spain, the maintenance had used the wrong screws to fix the cockpit windshield, as you would see below:At 17, 400 ft, the windshield blew off, sucking the captain out of the cockpit.Amazingly, the co pilot was able to make an emergency landing in Southampton, with no

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What Airline Cabin Crews Know, But Wont Tell You?

November 29, 2016 By Airline Ticket Centre

you get served frozen food which is kept for up to 72 hours .The most unhygienic thing in the aircraft is your seat belt then the tray tables .In case of a delay You'll never make your connection unless it's with the same airline .Some times the crew offers you their own meal to make sure your are fed on the flight.The turbulence , a favorite time for some passengers to go and use

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What are some travel hacks to make long plane rides more enjoyable?

November 26, 2016 By Airline Ticket Centre

What are some travel hacks to make long plane rides more enjoyable?Life on the airplane is a life of its own! Do whatever you can to keep yourself busy! During long flights I recommend:Watch 2 movies on the entertainment screen.Read almost a whole ebook on my KindleSort some pictures in my digital camera.Play a few games on my smartphone.Write for my blog.Have a nap (or two).Spea

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November 24, 2016 By Airline Ticket Centre

ONE SITE FOR ALL YOUR BLACK FRIDAY TRAVEL DEALS! Offer is valid on selected packaged vacations down south.Bookings must be made by November 28th 2016 with travel by April 30th 2017.Black Friday means big savings! Save on flights worldwide as well as Air Canada Vacations packagesuntil November 27, 2016. Don’t miss out!All prices displayed are in Canadian Dollars, u

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