Saving a few dollars when you travel!

1)Be careful of foreign transaction and ATM Fees

Paying to use your own money is often an infuriating consequence of traveling abroad, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re still paying fees for making foreign transactions, it’s time to switch banks—there are plenty that don’t charge you to use your card overseas. 

2)Checking a Bag

Over-packing is a common problem, but in an age of increasing airline baggage fees, it’s more than just inconvenient – it’s costly. Traveling without checking a bag is relatively easy if you maximize your carry-on and personal item capabilities.

36 billion has been accounted for auxiliary fees for the airlines last year alone

3) Eating out

Eating exclusively at restaurants isn’t just unhealthy – it’s expensive. As housesitting and Airbnb become more popular, however, it’s more common than ever to have access to a kitchen and the opportunity to cook meals. This is good news for people who want to save money (and calories). Check out the local culinary scene by all means, but not every meal has to be one that’s heavy on your wallet.

4)Driving or taking cabs

The best way to explore a city is by walking or taking public transit, both for your health and your wallet. Don’t fall for cheap car rentals in other countries—the difference in gasoline prices can be a huge drawback to that plan. Uber is also now an option that has local cab companies scared.

5) Reward Programs

File rewards programs under “always do”—whether it’s for airlines or lodging. Even if you don’t think you’ll be a returning customer, you’ve got nothing to lose. Tallying up enough of those points can happen faster than you think, and some programs offer inside deals or freebies just for signing up. From monthly wine deals with Virgin America to private concerts with Hilton, many rewards memberships are worth the seconds it takes to sign up.

Just being a member can give you freebies such as free wi fi, breakfast or a room upgrade.

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Heads of states on official visits announced through proper diplomatic channels are exempt from any passport or visa requirements. The prime minster of Canada and the President of the United States do have a passport. The British Queen in one rare example of a head of state who does not hold a passport.

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Avoid The Worst Seat on the Plane!

Seat with Entertainment Box

  • No room for overhead luggage

Seat at any back of any section

  • Seats do not recline
  • Heavy traffic due to Galley or Bathrooms

The Broken Seat

  • Unfortunately you can not plan for this seat

Tapered Window Seat

  • At the back of the plane there are seats with no middle row. There is a gap between the seats so you will not be able to lean to sleep. There is extra leg room in these seats.

Misaligned Window Seats

  • implied promise of the term “window seat” is of course that there’s a window you can actually see through. But many planes have configurations that place some seats between windows.

The Rows in front of Exit Rows

  • These seats are at the expense of the Exit Rows seat as these seats do not recline.

The Middle Seat

  • Nothing to say


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What is that small black triangle on the inside wall of an airplane ?

As you sit on the aircraft you may wonder what is the small black triangle mean or do ?

The black triangle marks the location of the seat with the clearest view of the wing. This seat gives the best visual seat for ice or other problems. This seat has also been referenced to the “William Shatner’s Seat”

The future aircraft will no longer need this triangle to give you the best view.

open window

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